A dance I cannot say no to

Advanced speech manual- humorous speech 04

Anna is a 30 white girl with brown long curling hair and rock-hard abs, arms and legs which appear to go on forever. She glides across the floor and lifts a hand up to the pole. Walking slowly around the pole, Anna then brings both feet off the floor, straightens her legs, points her toes, and spins gracefully through the air, her brown long hair flowing behind her. Bringing both feet back to the floor, she rises slowly back to standing, her hips and chest out, both her fancy bikini, beautiful face, both her arms and legs sparkle under the spotlight.

Anna then invites us to try the same move on the pole. As the song blasts out, I hold the pole tightly, I lift my feet off the floor, and try to spin with the strength of my arms, if I have, my palms are sweaty, knees weak, arms are heavy, there are friction on my thighs already. I am so nervous but on the surface, I look calm and ready to rock the whole move. I jump down the pole, and I hold it again, jumping up, and squeeze my legs on the pole, try to spin my body, this is my sequence, but my thighs bruise, my knees slam into the floor causing even more bruise of my knees, and my ego.

As a second round came, Anna wiggle her hips, walking seductively around the pole putting her long brown hair on one side of her shoulder, touch through her hair and smoothly runs her hands down over her chest and down to inner thigh. And then give a sexy look to herself through the front mirror. Oh that second move, I guess, is not that hard for me, at least not that hard for my arms and thighs. She then invites us to combine the first spinning move with the second sexy move together, with our own creativity. She said whatever you feel comfortable with, go for it! But I am not that comfortable with the spinning move, for the seductive move part, I am okay with it. I tried the same move as Anna did, at the end of my move, I looked at myself through the mirror, I was not stripping at that moment, but I felt some stripping part from my inside. I not only realized I have never worked on some parts of my body, but also realized I have never brought out some part of my inner self.

That was my fist try of pole dancing in my life, I was desperate to learn how to do it after that try. When I talk to people I do pole dancing, there is always a kind of laughter, or a joke. But for me, Physically, pole dancing is a form of dance or fitness exercise. It demands upon your body in ways that you never imagine. People are doing things that considered as workout when you are doing them on the ground. But you are doing them up on the air, suspending your weight, holding yourself up there and spinning you body like you are on the ground. Your whole body is engaged, your legs, your arms, your core. After the first class, every tiny part of my body, even those parts I cannot name, those parts I don’t even know I have, ache. They are like ache forever.

Pole dancing of course, it is feminine. the female body, in that form, doing those specific positions, spinning in the air, wear very less clothing, because you cannot wear long pants and sleeves to get hold on the pole, sometimes high heels, you cannot say that it is not erotic. but think about it, a bellarine is doing the same thing as a pole dancer, they are moving their body, opening up their legs, spring and spin on their legs. there is even a pole involved, the difference is that the pole is horizontal. Whether you are trying it for fitness or you’re attracted to the sexy side of pole dancing, the beauty of it is that you can take from what you want.

Pole dancing could be a very empowering movement for me. We do not need to dance naked on the pole, but we, both males and females, can live naked in our passion, naked in our power, naked in our heart. This “naked” against to the “twisting and hiding” on the inside. It is against others’ judgmental thoughts or your self-criticism brought on by a society that curbs the enthusiasm, the truth, the value for life. I am concluding my talk with my friend cassie’s remark, when you girls or guys do pole dancing, you are gonna definitely attract more people. If so! Great! I have found a new motivation for pole dancing. But I am actually concluding it with Erin Hanson’s poetry to all of you: “there is freedom waiting for you, on the breezes of the sky, and you ask “what if I fall?” oh but my darling, what if you fly?“


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