use interactive Shiny app to demonstrate your research analysis result

Shiny app is created by R studio. It can be used in creative ways to demonstrate your research results if you use R to analyze your data. Your shiny app includes server.R and ui.R. The R code that you used to run your data, can be embedded in server.R file. It may create plots, tables, network graphs, etc. You can design and program your user interface in different format, like checkbox, buttons, radio buttons, sliders, text input, etc.

Here is an example I played with on a recent study my advisor has worked on – a gender analysis of female scholars in six educational technology journals from 2004-2015.

  • used navbarPage to demonstrate two pages for including different info
  • used select box for users to select the journal
  • used tabPanel to demonstrate two different formats of barplots (created through ggplot2 in R)


copyright of the data demonstrated in this shiny app belongs to the research team, please do not use the data without permit


Many fancy examples can be found here in shiny gallery and user showcase, where you might find some inspirations. Really, it is not that hard to learn, even you don’t have any programming background, and don’t know any programming languages.

In addition, shiny app can be embedded within R presentation, to make presentation more interactive.


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