what I have learned from one-year leadership experience

This year, one thing that I have taken to push myself out of my comfort zone, is, taking some leadership roles. I have taken the student leadership role in both the university level and the departmental level. There has been many tough moments, yet making the long story short, here are something I have learned from my peers and myself.

  1. always give people credits first, particularly when you are going to propose some critical suggestions.
  2. give people some time to better functioning. Do not just follow your first impression. For example I am a very hardworking and fast-working person; yet I’d better not to expect others do things in the similar way as I do, they have their own pace and style.
  3. understand your role and responsibility at the first place, and always do your job. do not make random commitment to other people in the group.
  4. do not take criticism personally; it is for the work you have done, not for you as a person.
  5. talk to people if you feel hurt or ignored, but do not struggle with nonsense. do what you can do and move forward.
  6. only apologize for what you have done that might hurt others. do not expect other people behaves in the same way as I do.
  7. in addition to achieving goals, pay attention to the group development as a whole.



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