I am a poet

Advanced speech manual- humorous speech

01 I am a poet. delivered in May 2 2016

I have dreamed of becoming a poet for a long time. it is not easy. I know that. So, before giving a little insight of the poetic side of me, you first have to understand my father.

he did electricity maintenance of our old apartment, he made wood fans himself, he went against my grandfather. He is always being harsh and tough all the time. I refer my childhood as my military service. In the late summer of my 3 year old day, it was a hot and humid day in south of China, as everyday in my hometown is. And my father said, you get go to school, little girl, (point to myself). Kindergarten? How fun it is! that is where the little and big boys were, that is where all toys were, you can get whatever stuffs you wanna get there, if you are good at crying and screaming. Yes, girl, you are gonna go to your dreaming Kindergarten, excited?  Yes, yes, of course!! I immediately dressed myself up with my favorite pink tutu, I was prepared hardly to go to meet my first boyfriend in my life. You can imagine how joyful I was.

“Get out there, girl, you are gonna go to school by yourself. Mom, you cannot bring her to her school, she has to go there by herself. “we lived four blocks away from the Kindergarten. “no, no , I am not gonna go there by myself, dad, that’s crazy, I have never walk on the street by myself”, but actually I said that in my head. what I really said was “yes, sir.” Because it’s not easy, that why I should do that, and do that hardly.

My mom did follow me to the Kindergarten during my first year. But I did not know that she hided and followed me for a whole year to protect me without my father’s agreement, but she did. That is what I have learned when I was three years old, do everything scares you, you will survive and thrive.

My father did read and wrote novels a lot, as he told me. Who knows it is true or not. But I do have the impression that writers and poets are cool and independent, like the way my father raised me. So, two weeks ago I did a brave thing, writing my first poet in a late night with an intense anger after I got a discriminative criticism from a friend of mine, as well as a rejection from a journal editor. Now I will do a more brave thing, that is to read out my first poem to you, as I did when I was three years old, going to the school by myself.

In the old days

In the old days, I was able to capture trivial things like scrapped paper with my camera

In the old days, I joked with strangers’ new hair style and short skirt

In the old days, nothing needs to be done at the end of the day

Now I am grown up to a busy and tired man

I have no time noticing sprouts outside of my window

I have no time listening to people’s small stories

I have no time taking care of things without a deadline

Everything fleets into a path without an end

I even have no time for worries, anxieties and depressions

One of the greatest things about writing poetry is that you are never too young or too old to express your feelings and emotions, if you are brave enough. Whether you are experiencing the wild highs first dating in high school, whether you are a child with intense fear to go to school by yourself, or whether you are experiencing your lowest moment in your life, through poetry you can capture what it means to love, feel fully alive, and be human.



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