Building up writing routine – Checked

I have tried to build up my writing routine since last summer. Here is a summary of my reading/writing hours from 06012015-04172016: 46 weeks in total, about 320 days, I have worked on my writing projects (coursework hours are not included) for around 650 hours. Average hours is 2 hrs/day. This is my goal for building up my writing routine after reading the book How to Write a Lot by Paul J. Silvia.

A visualization can show my ups and downs, struggles and uplifts :

(In this viz, I include all working hours on reading/writing/planning for coursework and writing projects.)


As I read this viz, I have learned two things:

First, in last year, during the routine building up process, after a peak working week, it always followed with a couple inefficient weeks. Then I took a couple other weeks to build it up again.

Second, I have built a more steady writing routine in this year, although I have never hit the peak as I did in 2015. But the steady hours is the evidence of the formation of routine. I have more time for myself, like reading for pleasure, playing harp, going to gym, socializing.

The next step is simply to keep going, going, and going.

I am updating my writing routine track now, on Sep 11 2016. It has been over one year since I started my writing routine. Here is a graph from the very beginning, which shows that my routine is more stable in the second year, and the hour I spent on writing gradually increased. Regardless of the writing outcome, I am pretty happy with this progress. I just enjoy it. I will keep going for sure 🙂



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