something I have learned from an unbalanced semester

Last semester, I experienced my most overwhelming semester in my life, even more overwhelming than the first year in US. I took a VP position in a university-wide graduate student association; I took three courses; I taught one course; I wrote two papers; I worked on two research projects; I served on several committees. My initial thought was that I have got accustomed with my life, work, and school in the United States, it was the right time for me to put more challenges and responsibilities, to get myself improved in different ways.

But I was wrong. I overrated my capability of taking all these things simultaneously. I could not complete all these things perfectly; and then, as a “recovering” perfectionist, I stressed myself out.

It was also the “stress-out” taught me: it is OK to feel overwhelmed, it is OK to not complete everything, it is OK to say no to things that may add more stress, and it is OK to take a break when we stress out. More importantly, it is critical for us to search for help and support, and at the same time, to build connections with people around us.

I hope myself find more mentally balanced, relaxed, and peaceful moments in my life.



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