Speech06 – Vocal Variety: A ghost story

Speech presented at 8.24.2015, MinneapolisToastmasters Club 75 

a ghost story with background music (dreams become real)

It was in the early summer in 2007, my first year work in a college. I was assigned to the campus and teach courses there. It was at the suburb area in a small town, about one hour drive distance from the main campus. My supervisor offered me a temporary apartment to take some rest after work.

After the first day of my work, I was tired and went back straight to the apartment to take a nap and get ready for the class in the afternoon. The apartment is in a very old building. I can tell the history of the building when I got there. It was under some big camphor trees and the outside wall was surrounded by many creeper plants. I went into the building, and the apartment is at the top of it. I open the door, and feel a little chilly in it. There is a bit of lonely kinda of feeling there. I can tell that it hasn’t been occupied for a long time. It has three bedrooms, one is locked and I didn’t know what were in it, another was full of dusted books, chairs and a desk. In my bedroom, there were one small single size bed, a computer desk, and a book shelf. some part of the white wall was about to peel off and turned to grey. But I don’t have any other place to stay and my supervise doesn’t ask me to pay for this apartment, so, I really appreciate the offer.

It’s a pretty intense work in this campus, I have to teach courses all day from 8 to 5. So after four classes in the morning, I am very tired so I went bed straight and fell asleep soon. I don’t know how long it is, at some point I suddenly wake up. I know I have work to do in the afternoon, so I want to sit up and get out of my bed. I am conscious and aware that I am still in the bed, I am about to be late for my work, and someone or something is on top of me. I can’t see it clearly. It is very shadowy, like a dark monster. But it’s a powerful presence. Then I feel a heavy weight on my chest, pushing on my chest, getting heavier and heavier on me. It feels like if I don’t make every effort to move I will be stuck like that forever. My mind tells me “wake up, sit up, and get out of the bed!” but my body doesn’t follow it at all. Suddenly, “PUM”my bedroom door closed and the sound wakes me up. immediately, the dark shadow disappeared. This whole process didn’t last for a long time. I didn’t feel very terrified. I woke up and went out of the room for work.

A week after that, I went to work in this campus again. It is still a very intense work and I even don’t remember about what happened the other day. I get out of my work and get back to the apartment to take a rest again. This time, I closed my bedroom door. I fell asleep very soon. But suddenly my consciousness wakes me up. My eyes open and I see the door is opening slowly. A dark shadow move toward me through the door. And he is getting closer and closer to my bed, to me. I still can’t see his face. I want to wake up, I want to sit up, I want to run away from him. I tried many times, he is getting closer to me, but I failed. I said to myself, Come on Why won’t you just move?! It’s going to get me!

I struggle for a few minutes, then I give up upon moving my body. I turn to my voice. I talk to myself, please scream and let someone hear my voice and get the monster away from me. But I can’t make any noises. My mouth starts to feels dry, feels like it’s being held together with rubber bands. I can start to open it but it’s immediately brought to a close again. I am really terrified then. Finally a thought enters in my mind to reach for something to hit the dark shadow. so I got a crazy idea to imagine me holding a knife and I used that to stab it. and when I start to stab it, it eventually left. I am able to fully wake up and jumped out of bed. I looked around my room, no one is there and nothing changed. It took me about 3-5 minutes to calm down myself and go to work.

This situation happened for several times when I was sleeping in this old apartment. After that school year, I moved to the main campus, and this has never happened again. I know that this actually did not occur and that it was just an intense sleep paralysis. But other than this explanation, I would like to think that some soul or spirit has been trapped in that apartment. He feels lonely and then he found me.

Other ghost background music: colorless aura, bent and broken, decline (by kmmusic)


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